What percent of the population can sing? – Warming Up Exercises Before Singing

In a sense, not even a half. A quick search on your favorite word search engine will turn up the following results (click to enlarge):

In the United States, approximately 9.1% of the population is reported to be able to sing, while only about 0.9% is considered to be a singer. For comparison, the national average for the number of adults who are considered to be very good at math is only 4.1%.

I’m not sure why this is a problem for the choir. I’ll leave you to decide whether singing is so important that its absence is justifiable, or whether this statistic is an example of the “singer with a million sins” theory, which has been disproven time and time again. I can think of at least two ways to interpret this statistic.

1) Singer is the only one in attendance.

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2) The choir is performing as a group, rather than individually.

I think it’s a bit of both, but I’m not sure how to tell. For the purposes of this article, I suspect that you do need to have some way of gathering the total voice count for the choir in order to determine if the rest of the group is singing or not. This assumes some sort of “social” element of choir participation. If there is no social element, it’s easy to calculate that the choir is singing, but the actual number of singers can be a bit tricky. You can certainly do this for a choir of a thousand, or two hundred members. So what does a thousand mean?

Here’s another way to look at the statistic: what percentage of singers are the only one in attendance?

We know that there are approximately 12 total singers in the choir from here on. Since the choir has 12 singers in attendance, we can say that one of them is the only person in attendance for more than half of the choir’s shows.

If you were a choir parent and you were asked what percentage of attendees (either solo and/or group members) would be the ones singing before you see them in person, you’d probably want to know how many singers are soloists or band members and the percentage of members and soloists in each group.

So what does the percent of soloists in a choir mean?

I found this example from a 2008 choir blog post (but since it was only for the United Kingdom, it’s not very relevant). It looks like there is approximately 70

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