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Why am I so afraid of what happened to us? Why have I forgotten what happened to us? Have we become more than children of the old ways of life? Have we become slaves of other men? What happened to us?”

Mum remembered that her son did not look like he was scared, as if he was telling the truth. She remembered her grandson was looking out and smiling for me.

“I thought I would be a piece of cake to raise a child like that,” she said. “That’s what you would do — not only make them happy, but also make sure that they grow up to be happy and healthy. They were my best attempts at that. Not my worst.”

Mum went on to say about how her youngest daughter had said the same thing at school that day, that her grandfather didn’t look like he was trying, even though he seemed really happy. It took the two women about 10 minutes before Mum realized that her grandson wasn’t talking about either death, or what her grandmother had gone through, but about him.

“I’m always glad that I had a daughter who was a daughter of my grandfather,” she said. “Because if they’d all stayed to themselves, it would have been a very different world. We would have no memories of what our grandparents were like.

“The only thing that they taught me was the importance of keeping your family family. They had a very clear idea of what what your family is for — and it all goes back to that one, big, golden Bible.”

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After the tragedy, Mum continued on as if nothing had happened during the day, until she saw her family.

“When I saw them, I felt like, OK, this is part of the plan,” she said. “I’m not going to think about what happened — I’m not going to be in shock, I’m not going to mourn. I’m going to go about my business. If it’s all right by God, I’m going to do it all right.”

Mum continued on to say that she now feels more connected to the place called Heaven, than any of the other places that she went. She’s so grateful that God allowed her to be able to see her family and to spend time with them.

“I’m grateful,” Mum said, “because to me, it’s real.”

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