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I get it, I get the feeling that some people are just too ignorant to understand what a true “lose” to win situation is. I don’t have the stomach for the “loss to win” mentality either. This isn’t what I would call a true “lose”, because it’s not losing! We call that losing because we play that way, for any team. You play that way if it makes you a better player. The thing is though, I get the feeling there’s a certain amount of people who don’t get it. People just won’t believe in themselves. They think they will win with this style, or those players on their team. They think they can do this. I hear it all the time.

Why did I sign up for G3?

G2 was the closest team I would have been to being able to achieve what I did in the past. They were the team that I could think about the most, because they were always there for me. They made me realize that if I want to be great at the game, I had to come together with the other great guys on the world stage, otherwise, my dream would be just that, not possible. And now, here I am. My time in the League of Legends world is drawing to a close. Now comes the time to make more strides to make sure my teammates know how proud I am of them as players and as a group. That’s exactly what G3 is. What kind of accomplishments have you achieved as a teammate to give to my teammates that want to be where I was? It’s the culmination of hard work and everything else that the team has grown together over time. G3 is my last chance for the team to show it. We are all here to give everything we possibly can.

How can I help G3?
The Sims 4 Singing Skill (City Living)

If you want to get in contact with me, please make sure that you are on a free, private server with other members. I can’t be on a private server of any kind in order to have an official conversation, I’ll let you know if anything happens. When you connect through Steam, do a search for Team Fortress 2, and look for “G3” for Team Fortress 3. From there, you can search for anyone you wish. A lot of people are using Team Fortress 2 as a means of communication nowadays as they want to keep their teams intact, but I think it’s really important to have a private server in order to

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