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There’s no way this was a coincidence.” He’s a bit chipper at the fact that there’s been no reaction yet on his forum, but he has to wonder whether the fact that someone was caught out on the day of the attack means there’s some truth to his theory.

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In a year where we’ve had multiple cases of women being targeted by the Islamic State who left behind a suicide note saying they believed they were forced to have sex with the terrorists, a group of men in India are saying they have experienced rape at the hands of militants, and are trying to educate the masses about the phenomenon.

Narendra Dhababu, a senior journalist and director of research in social studies at Delhi University with expertise in Islamic culture, has come forward to share stories of people he says were forced to have sex with the militants in Raqqa, ISIS’s de facto city and the first official government-held bastion of the Islamic State.

According to Dhababu, it appears the militants in Raqqa, which has become a hub of activity for both ISIS and Boko Haram in Nigeria, have adopted a practice of force against young men, especially if they are not married. When they did allow men to marry, some of them were forced to pay a bride fee that ranged between $5,000 to as much as $30,000.


“They will forcibly carry out marriages, and the men who were involved have started writing books and speaking out about it,” Dhababu told The Guardian. “There’s a section that’s really concerned, as the women are being abducted, forced to marry, and they’re being raped.”

In 2014, Dhababu co-authored a book titled “Kafir/Islamist: Radicalization and Violence in India in the 20th Century,” in which he argued that the movement to Islam — which began to emerge in India in the 1850s and is now the second largest religion in the country — was being fueled by a combination of Hindu nationalism, economic opportunities, and an influx of Muslim immigrants.

He added that these “newly Muslim immigrants, brought to the north and west of the country in the 1820s and 1830s, became the ‘kafirs,’ who were treated as second-class citizens from the time they arrived until the end of British rule in the 1870s

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