Are Facebook photos public property? – Can You Make Money Off Your Viral Video

What you can do with your photo:

Use it in other commercial and art work including personal and professional use, and as part of your website.

Don’t put it on your own Facebook page or on your own website.

Be sensitive to other users who are sharing your photos.

It is OK to give credit where credit is due. Just don’t re-post the image on any website or post it on your own Facebook page unless you really own it and it is your own.

See the Facebook rules on photography.

Copyright notice

If you upload photos to Facebook, you must provide a copyright notice. This can include:

The artist/illustrator who made the image.

The date that the photo was taken.

The name of the person who made the image or published the image.

If the original source is also available, please provide details.

Use the images for your commercial projects and only for that purpose.

If you sell a work of art, please contact your designer about permission. You will need the author’s name, and the name of the designer and artist.

If you create an item for sale

If you create an item for sale using photos, you must apply to an independent copyright owner in order to retain ownership of the photographs. To do this, submit a form on the Copyright Office website.

What do I do if someone else steals my photos?

You get one chance to notify the authorities

This should happen within a couple of days. If no-one responds within this time, contact the police immediately.

What does this mean for you?

You don’t have to pay any compensation to the people who were stolen from – just return the photographs back to Facebook and the person who took them back their account, and notify the authorities.

What is the procedure to remove a photograph

Facebook can only remove the photos if it has a valid reason for doing so. As the case is decided on Facebook, the procedure should be communicated to you.

Why isn’t Facebook providing more information on the process to remove photos that aren’t original?

There is a lack of transparency on the matter, and the law is unclear. It is important people know there are procedures available. If you aren’t able to remove photos, you will need to contact Facebook and attempt to resolve the situation. If the photos are taken elsewhere and you need

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