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Facebook’s privacy policy states: “You give us permission to use your information to provide you with the benefits and services we think are appropriate for you and our users.”

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This applies to any images you post on your Facebook feed in public spaces.

So, if you are driving into the city centre and see a picture of a girl dressed as a mermaid, you can do nothing if you don’t want to be seen.

What if someone I know sees my photo?

Facebook users do not have complete privacy protection.

If you see a picture of a friend or family member then that person can see your profile photo on a group in their profile, just like they can see an Instagram picture of a stranger on their account.

So this means if that person does like your photo, or they see it somewhere else on social media (the same rules as when you post it to your account), they could see any other private information about you – the date you went somewhere, the place you were for lunch, whether you were at a conference, even whether you were drunk or high at the time.

Facebook’s rules are designed so that if you go on holiday and someone sees your selfie then that friend could see the photos (and their personal details) you took on holiday and find that you were on a beach in Thailand and so forth.

We’re not going to address this issue here, it’s a big one for which we have the answers: we don’t know.

Who can see your Facebook profile?

You cannot choose who sees photos of you posted on Facebook without your permission.

The company’s privacy policy says: “Facebook users may not restrict who sees certain photos posted by others on their profile.”

This means if we find out that your friend has posted a picture of you with a group of friends and you choose to have that person be able to see it, then if they liked the photo, someone who liked your profile would also have seen that before.

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Does Facebook know what I eat, look at and use your phone for?

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Facebook does tell how it keeps tabs on people’s purchases and interests – but this is subject to their privacy policy.

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