Can I make money taking pictures? – Photo Make Money Only


Can I sell videos?

Yes, however, you need to submit your videos to an editing company first which will then convert it into a video and give you a commission on the final product so it doesn’t end up on YouTube. We also sell the images on our website, or give them away for free.

I have no idea how to make money as a commercial photographer. Where do I go?

There’s always this one person who’s always trying to tell you how much money they make. It’s a really easy thing to fall prey to since it’s all a bunch of nonsense. Just say no and move on.

Can I make money editing videos?

Sure! The key thing is we need a professional editor to do anything. You will always need a camera and a lighting setup.

Can I sell my pictures on Etsy?

Yes. Just use a different email address than in your Etsy account.

Can I make money as a commercial photographer from my photo sets?

Yes, we even have a commercial photography services category dedicated to this. Just use your own logo where you can and it’s easy to submit your images for a commission.

Can I get paid for my commercial photography by clients?

Absolutely. You can have your photos used for advertising and merchandising, or use your photos for commercial work and sell it on our site.

Can I have my photos for sale for profit in my shop?

Sure! There are a lot of different options out there for using photos as part of your own art and for sales on Etsy and other online stores.

Can I advertise my product on Yelp or other online classifieds?

Well yes! Most places have photo sets that are just like your commercial photography. Just use the same email address in your Etsy or commercial photography store listing and they can accept this as an advertisement for your services.

Do you use a Creative Commons license with my photos?

Yep! This means that any licensed images will be in the public domain.

Can I sell items featuring my work?

There are tons of vendors out there and we make a small commission based on the amount you sell through the site. Just use the same email address listed on your Etsy or commercial photography store listing and they will happily sell directly to you.

How do I get paid for my photos?

Again this depends on which company you’re working

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