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If you’re doing art for you first game then this is the question you need to answer. It goes to the heart of what you do, how important they are to you and what level of commitment you’re willing to make.

Can you make your game more successful without art? I always say the exact opposite. If you’re writing a story on your own then yes you can, it doesn’t matter if it involves a few dozen lines of code, no matter how amazing it looks. When you’re writing an in-depth story in your own style that takes hours to put together a good story that’s going to be good for no one but you, you’d better have something to contribute to that, ideally a story you wrote yourself. I’ve never had an idea that was good but I’d rather spend that time doing the writing than do a bunch of art.

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It’s not the same, though, as when you’re working with an art director for the first time. It’s different but it all depends on the specific type of game you’re doing. When it comes to making games, just about everything you do is going to be about making sure they look good. If you want the art to be good then you’re going to have to give it more than 3 hours of playtime. Otherwise it won’t be very good visually and you’ll end up making it look terrible.

Another good test is how long the game takes to play. If you’re making a 2D title that takes 20-50 minutes to play then what you’re doing needs to match the budget on top of that. If you have to wait to the end for your game for art, or to finish it on a tight deadline, that’s money spent on people who can’t play it and may give you bad reviews. Your game’s audience isn’t just a bunch of kids, they’re you and they’re coming to enjoy your game so make sure you spend enough to get their attention in a meaningful way. Otherwise you need to think about your game as a full game first, then if you want the art to look good you’ll need to pay more attention to art direction.

Can you make money selling your artworks online?

No it’s not. I really do enjoy making things, like an iPhone game or a music box game but I never see the point in sharing those creations. I do have an idea for a game where I would probably charge money for the soundtrack but I think the idea

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