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This is a controversial issue. Some say the rule was put in place to fight traffic chaos. We are currently on a strict campaign to get it removed, and we’re talking to the police.

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A man stands outside the gates of the St James’ Park Road at 5am on Friday 13 March 2017 and gets a ticket for travelling too slowly in a traffic jam.

How did people get the ticket?

Drivers in Birmingham’s traffic jams received a $30 fine for travelling below the standard 40mph limit.

Some drivers said they had been caught speeding, others said they had failed to stop at a traffic signal or had tried to park at a private lot.

Some drivers who received a £24 fine were unable to pay, so they received a receipt which they then used to get more tickets.

Some drivers say the fines are too high, because they don’t have enough money to pay. Others say they don’t want to get the fines.

The City of Birmingham Police have defended their decision. A spokesman said: “There is a specific zone at the St James’ Park Avenue on which tickets are issued. It is used very briefly and this is to prevent speeding and accidents.

“The police also look at the speed camera at the nearby City Centre, where people caught going over the speed limit on the main road can have their fines reduced by 500 per cent.”

What is the rule?

The City of Birmingham traffic police have the power to issue speed and other signs on areas of road where it appears that vehicles have slowed down – and on areas of road where it appears that vehicles have slowed down.

The rules apply to pedestrians and cyclists, and they have been in use for two years.

Are there any tickets to try to make up for the slow, sloppy motorists?


A spokesman for Birmingham City Council said: “It is unfair that someone in a hurry could get an offence for the sake of getting it on the back of a scrapbook.

“It’s about trying to ensure we get the best deal for the taxpayer from taxpayers. It’s not an option.”

How many tickets have been issued and how many have been paid?

There were 581 ticket offences in 2016-17. It’s estimated Birmingham’s total tickets were worth over £300,000.

Of that, 2,400 tickets were paid, but there was 1,000 additional tickets issued. The

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