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Yes, by submitting your pictures to us, you can sell your pictures for the right price. All prices for photo selling are subject to change due to the fluctuation of the stock for various reasons. However, we cannot guarantee any price given. All prices include shipping and handling. If you have a special price you can leave it in the price message when purchasing. If you do not have such a thing, please do not purchase and if you have such a thing, PLEASE write it down. The photo selling service and the price is for personal use only.

In the event of having a problem with the picture, please contact us immediately by writing to us at (do not forget to put your name on the message). We are willing to fix any problem within 5 business days.

What camera are you using?

Any Sony or Hasselblad with A6000 lens / A6300.

A number of people have come for my services. Some have asked me to design their marriage, some for advice on a business, some to talk to an investment banker. I can even make a decent amount of money out of them—if they’ll work with me. But, I prefer to ask people to go to one of my online seminars. The reason is simple: Because no one else has any idea what to say or do. No one has the experience, the contacts, or the insight to help you with your life.

I’m talking about an idea called SINGLE-SPREAD. This idea was suggested to me by John Krasinski in 2010. John explains it well in his blog post, “Single-Spreading: When It Works for Each Person You’re Married to.”

Using Your Phone as a Tool to Make Real Money - Lovefone, London
There are three principles involved:

1. Each individual knows exactly how much or little it costs to live, not to mention what kind of car they drive, what kind of television they get, what kind of clothes they wear, where they eat, where they work, the location of their offices, their hobbies, the kinds of kids they have and so forth. That is what makes single-spreading simple: no “who knows” except each person.

2. The only person who is married to the people who attend your seminar is your spouse. They are your business partners and your direct customers. You are your customer. You are paying for their time. The better off you are, the better able they are to make the time.

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