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If you have a creative project and you don’t want your work to become a property of anyone, it’s an easy way to leave a trace behind if you decide to re-use or republish your work. Watermarks are a way of saying, “This is what I drew. See that? It’s yours. All I ask, in return, is you stay away.” The trick to removing a watermark is figuring out where the image is meant to be visible, and then choosing a good way to tell others about your work and protect your work.

What if I use an image I have already published on another site?

If you’ve already published the image on another site before, it doesn’t mean the image has already been used in a different context on another site without your permission. Just make sure you’ve paid your fair share of license fees when the new content appears.

Can I use an image that I have in the public domain?

Yes. Image-rights laws apply for works that have not been published in a given period of time. Public domain works are:

Works published for the First Time in a Creative Work

Works published for the First Time with the Use of Copyright Notice

Works published between December 30, 1945 and June 30, 1980 for the First Time that use a Copyright Notice

Works published between 1966-1969 for the First Time for the First Time with the use of a Copyright Notice

Works published before June 1, 1980

Can I re-post something I published on another site?

Yes. The only restriction on re-posting an image is that it must not be a commercial use.

Will using my image infringe somebody else’s rights?

No. When you take and use the image, you’re only doing what’s allowed as permitted by copyright law. Your use of some part of your image doesn’t change the legal rights of the author and it’s unlikely anyone else would be able to sue you for infringing their rights.

Can I reuse an icon without permission?

Yes. Use it however you like, with or without a license. We love using icon images on our site and the images you post here can be a huge source of traffic and revenue, so there’s no harm in sharing them around. The Icon Resource Center’s guidelines for using icon imagery are especially useful:

Do not copy the icons from any online resource. For example, do not try to

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