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While photographs are a personal creative property and subject to use and reproduction by any means, such use would be a violation of our Terms of Service if we had access to the photographs for anything other than editorial purposes.

Photographer does not own your pics… so what? Why do you care so damn much?

That’s a good question. We do. But it also depends on who owns those photos. I own them, or they do. And our Terms of Service and usage of your pictures are clear about this. You have given us permission to use your pictures, so we really cannot let your pictures end up on the wrong website.

That doesn’t mean we won’t let your photos be used elsewhere, unless those pictures have substantial monetary value (for example, a book cover or a billboard sign) or you’ve been notified of a violation of the Terms of Service.

I have more pictures. When will they come?

The answer is always “soon.” We’re a business based on making money, and we have been given a very explicit set of rules on how we can use and resell your photos.

There is a process to obtaining your pictures, but once we know you’re OK, our terms of service don’t change. Once you’re accepted as a client and you’re in the process of getting your stuff, we will be asking for payment. You are responsible for paying the balance for the time and effort you put into getting pictures approved.

Here’s how it works. We’re asking for your pictures to be used in commercial endeavors (think billboards or a book jacket), and these types of uses have some monetary and/or other value. At first, you’ll see a list of things we can use your pics for; we can use photos for a book cover, or we can use pic for a sign.

As you can guess, we charge a small premium for each photo we use. We also need your permission to use your photo in our commercial endeavors. This fee does not include your own time and effort, which we’ll use to promote you, your business, your products or services, or your website.

You may want to think about buying a subscription to our site where you can get a discount. It costs $1.99 and covers everything except payment for the privilege of using your pics for commercial business purposes. Once you confirm to us that you are OK with us using your photos in these types of commercial endeavors (as well

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