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Your images are your property. You do not own them – you simply share your experience of how your pictures were used. Every photographer uses pictures on camera phones and tablets and in print. You take pictures on a device which does not contain a built-in camera.

What if I didn’t buy the device that I used to capture my pictures?

If your device was not purchased by you, then you have ownership of the pictures. Even though you may only be in contact with your camera for a short time, each picture you take on that device is a unique recording for the digital world.

I am not sure about photography on iPad? If I use it from the iPad, do I own it?

No – you cannot use the iPad as a smartphone or tablet camera.

What if I use a camera on my iPad and I use it for wedding photography?

The iPhone’s camera does not work for wedding photography.

What if a couple of weeks later, they decide to go back to the iPad and capture the same picture?

Your device is only registered to your account when you are on the device. It is not for use for commercial purposes. The only images you take while you are using the iPad are yours for the time you are in the picture. You may delete them from the device or the camera app – it’s your choice.

I have just moved from a DSLR to a smartphone. What if one of the photos is an iPhone pictures? It is not a valid photo!
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The iPhone’s camera does not work for weddings. If you use them you own the photos as long as you are using the app and using the iPad as a smartphone.

I have just moved from a tablet to a smartphone. How do I know that I am using the device as a smartphone for the purpose of wedding photography?

We want you to get married. The photos on the iPad are not a legitimate wedding photo. You could get a divorce without the photos even being on the computer. The only photos you can take on an iPad is the photos you take while using the iPad.

I want to know how I can make my wedding easier when I know that my photos are no longer mine?

If you are buying or leasing a smartphone, make sure that the software you are using is free.

Do we have to register as an auction house online? No.

Does the company, photographer, or blogger have

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