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In the next two weeks, all of your local comic book retailers and newsstands will have a choice. A new, larger-than-life Marvel Comics-branded comics line will be on the shelves, offering books that will fit any fan’s growing interest in Marvel Universe-based superheroics.

As part of its annual “Year of the Marvel Universe” initiative, the publisher is bringing in Marvel Universe creators to create one-shot “Marvel Universe” books, which will be free to comic book readers in the United States.

Beginning next month, those new books will be available to book buyers at all independent comic book stores.

The announcements come from Jim Lee, Marvel executive editor for content.

“The number one complaint this year we had was people wanting to know when we would do those ‘Year of the Marvel Universe’ books,” Lee said in a recent interview. “I’ve said every year that we want to create a set of books that will be

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