How can I make money from my photos? – Does Making Youtube Videos Make Money

There are many websites that are free to use to sell your personal photos. Be sure to contact the artist and ask to see the finished product along with the money you make. Most importantly, make sure they do not make money off the photos yourself. There are several online shops that offer a variety of prints, posters, canvas and other materials to choose from.

What kinds of pictures should be avoided in order to preserve the environment?

You should refrain from using too many negative or green (unnatural) shots. You can sometimes use a green screen or fake grass to cover the negative pictures.
How to Make Money on YouTube: 14 Creative and Effective Ways

What should I do with my photos that have been shot illegally?

Please contact the law enforcement officials in your area so that they can determine if your photos have been misused.

What about the original photos taken of me?

Please do not put your pictures on your profile but instead send them to the artist through this form. This can make it easier to contact them and give them credit for their work. If they are too busy at work to reply, give them a call and let them know that you’d like them to include your images in their collections.

What does it mean to purchase my photo?

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