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Copyright owners have control over their copyrighted works and their right to do business with others. However, your right to copy the image is not under copyright in the first place. When the creator makes a photograph, he or she gives the copyright owner the whole image for the purpose of creating the work. You have no legal right to take that image, no matter how much they want to sell it (this is known as a “fair use” theory). Fair use allows your use of the image so long as you do not use it commercially, or profit, by selling it commercially. The fair use theory has been used by the Supreme Court to rule against companies that steal other peoples’ photos (see example below; you can see more details here).

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Can you get around the copyright?

Some people say that you can. This depends on whether the image that you want to use has been used already. Usually the image that belongs under copyright has already been used. For example, a photo of a dog’s face may have been posted on a forum and then used to create “naming” of the dog. In this instance the face in the photo belongs to the owner and the owner has given permission for others to use it.

However, the owner of the photo probably owns the copyright on his copyright in the photo, and may not be happy about being named. So they may decide to sue you, for example, to get the name of the photo taken off the internet.

On the other hand, a lot of people have created photos and put them online to get attention, so they have no intention of selling the photo or making money from selling it. For this reason the Internet has become a very lucrative business. However, unless you are the only person doing it, the copyright holder is probably the owner of the photo and will not want others to use it unless it is for business purposes. In those cases, it will likely be considered illegal to copy it or resell it.

Can I get around copyright law?

There are two very important things to keep in mind. First of all, copyright laws say who can use your image and who can’t. That means your rights to protect and protect your image are in the hands of the one who actually owned the work. Second, you should not use or distribute anyone else’s image without permission from the copyright owner (or someone who owns the copyright on the work). Do remember though, that without getting permission, you risk getting in trouble

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