How do I print photographs? – Foap Missions

Photographs are sent as a digital file via the Send button below.

Can I send prints in individual sections (letters/emails/postcards) or to multiple addresses?

We welcome your requests to purchase prints (as many at once as you’d like) in individual sections and to purchase prints only at locations. Once we receive the orders, you will then be emailed when the prints are available.

All orders include 1 standard print. No custom orders will be accepted.

When can I expect my order from the Print Shop of Greater Seattle?

We’re open every day from 9:00am – 11:30am, Monday – Friday.

Can I cancel my order?

The Print Shop of Greater Seattle accepts refunds by email; please send an email to with your order.

What is the Return Policy on my purchases of prints?

Our return policy on prints is to provide you with a full refund and an exchange for your purchase of prints within 30 days of receiving your purchase. Returns are accepted with proof of purchase. All returns/exchanges receive a full refund.

How long does it take for my print to become available?

Prints will be shipped within 10 days of receiving your order. Depending on demand and our delivery times, we can process prints in 1-2 months.

Does my order have to be shipped to a specific address?

All prints are shipped to any address that you specify by adding it to your order when checking out.

Can I exchange or refund my prints?

We can exchange or refund any printed item that has been shipped to a house or apartment. If we experience any issues with the shipment of the print, we will contact you and provide instructions and work with the package to be re-shipped to you.

Can I pay by credit card or PayPal only?

We’re pleased to accept any form of payment including but not limited to your credit card. If you’d prefer to pay via PayPal then please allow 12 to 18 weeks for your payment to clear.

Will I receive tracking when my printer ships?

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When we receive an order, we will create a tracking number, and we’ll send notifications when your prints arrive at your doorstep.

Will I receive tracking updates after my prints arrive?

At this time you’ll see tracking information posted online when you order from the Print

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