How do I start selling my photos?

There are two methods for selling photos:

Direct – You can use a few techniques from this guide to sell photos:

Permanent Display / Upload – Use a photo storage software to sell your photos and keep track of your best photos. For example, Instagram or Picasa. Also see Selling Yourself.

Permanent display – Just upload a photo to Instagram. Make sure you use a high quality photo and use the top photo setting. Also, see Selling Yourself.
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Permanent display – You can use an online service. For example, Flickr.

You can also use a digital photo management software. For example, Photoshop or Google Photos. There are others online such as Flickr and Flickr stock.

You can also make a one-off digital image using a phone camera. You can also sell the photo to a website, magazine, magazine company, book publisher or a photo agency. See Selling Yourself

How do I edit an existing photo and then sell it?

Some photos are ready to be edited. If you don’t have a specific photo available to edit, try starting with an old photo and work your way to the more “interesting” photos. Also, choose an edit type that will fit your particular style.

If a photo is already on a photo sharing site (like Pinterest), you can save it to your computer or email it via the browser and then sell it through ebay.

How do I sell a photo that’s already been published?

If you’re already selling photos, see Selling Yourself or use to sell photos. Don’t worry it won’t take the same amount of time and effort.

How do I sell photos on the web?

Most of the website selling services use a mobile app called Evernote.

If you have one set up, it’s really easy. You can see all of your photos, edit them, and then just sell them as is or edit them with the same settings.

Click on a tag that says I like your tag.

When you click the tag, you see an edit screen with options for the photo you want to edit. When you get to editing, choose the photo you want to sell using the edit you wish to do.

Then, click Buy Photos.

If you would like to add tags to it, click on the tag and you’ll see a screen to sort and tag it in a specific fashion.