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When I first started programming, I learned how to write C programs. I learned how to manipulate the memory. I learned how to run an application, interact with the environment, and write an application using C.

That is what I learned and what I am going to explain to you today.

Before you can know what is happening in your project, you need to understand some of the basics of memory management.

What is memory?

Memory is the most important thing in your computer, because it holds your application’s data and application code. Memory is the size of your computer’s hard disk.

What does memory look like to the human eye?

You will notice that when you start a program in Windows, there is a bar at the top of your screen. The bar represents the size of the program’s memory.

But sometimes you will have some application in the background and you will have to allocate your memory. This is called the “background loading phase.”

In this section, we will talk a little about memory allocation

At first, the memory that we allocated is called “background memory”, but it contains little data. Later the memory will be called “memory” and it will contain things that you will use in the program.

You may wonder, just what are “background data”? Background data is a collection of the application code that you will never see. It is used only if you choose to use it, and in a limited way, or when you make a mistake. So it makes no difference what kind of data it is, in fact everything is important, except what you can see.

If you open your application and you are seeing some files being allocated in memory, and you do not get anything from them, something must be wrong.

We will discuss how we can prevent memory from getting allocated incorrectly later.

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