How do I stop Facebook from using my photos? – Shutterstock Contributor Ideas

You can stop Facebook from using some of your photos for its own purposes by modifying your privacy settings or disabling the use of your photos (by changing your photo settings, for example). But make sure to read Facebook’s disclosure rules about using your photos.

How do I know if Facebook is using my photo without my consent?

You can ask about the use of your photograph to show Facebook products, services, or events. If Facebook is using your photo in a way that violates the terms of service you signed up for, you will have a chance to ask for a remedy, such as a stop to use your photo or a change to privacy settings. Please note: You cannot ask Facebook for a change to its privacy settings in addition to a change on the Facebook Platform. Please read the Facebook Privacy and Data Use Policy (available in English, French, Spanish, Indonesian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, and Hungarian) for details on how to contact Facebook about your usage of your photos, data, and communications.

How can I show Facebook my photos from the past?

You have the right to see your photos from the past on the page that you visit on the Platform. To do so, you must sign in and be a member of your profile on the Platform. The Platform does not delete any photos you’ve taken from the past. You have the right to see photos you have posted to your profile since your last profile update.

What if I don’t understand how to use Facebook?

The Platform gives you an opportunity to learn how to use the Facebook Platform by reading the Facebook Privacy Policy. You can also read the relevant sections of these policies at the end if you wish, or use this section of our Privacy Policy to better understand the Facebook Platform’s privacy and use practices.

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Can I use the Facebook Platform for non-commercial purposes?

Yes. Your photos, videos, pictures, and other content that you post on Facebook may be used in non-commercial manner. Use of the Platform in this manner is not a condition of participation in the Facebook Platform; it is a condition of using Facebook.

Are my privacy settings secure?

We are committed to protecting your privacy and protecting the personal information we hold about you. We use encryption to protect the data we hold about you. We recommend you also review the relevant privacy policy.

Are information about me shared publicly with others?

By sharing publicly the information about you about whom you share posts about via other

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