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When you see a portrait that inspires your own, you should always seek to capture that same emotion. You want to use the same technique (camera, lighting) to create an equally unique portrait. In other words, if you see a portrait, make sure that it is different from your own or take inspiration from someone else to create a unique one. There’s nothing wrong with borrowing a shot from another photographer, but the difference between your image and theirs should be clear.

I love how you used the word “selfie” to describe the final product. What was driving your fascination with this genre of photography?

I love seeing people on their phone, with their cell phone being the focal point of the image. There’s something about taking an image that’s a snapshot in time and putting it on social media that makes you stand out. People love being able to snap a picture of themselves and their friends. People want to share something special with family and friends, something unique.

What is the hardest part of photographing a nude or partially nude nude female body?

There are so many times that I get discouraged because I’m unsure of the right approach to capturing something because the first image is so hard to shoot. I’ve experienced this with friends. At times, they look at my images and think I’m an amateur. They’re looking for tips and tricks, or the perfect way to shoot something. I just can’t help but wonder if the first image can actually go unnoticed. I’ve learned over time to not have an issue with the subject matter. I want to capture something meaningful and beautiful. I want it to create memories that my camera will hold onto with my children for years to come.

How would you characterize your own photography?

To me, photography is about capturing a moment and capturing your friends. I photograph mainly from a distance, and I’m not afraid to capture what I see. There’s no one standard but, when it comes to capturing beauty and capturing people, the only thing I’m interested in is capturing what I see.

What are some of your favorite projects?

The biggest one to capture on film would be the ones where you can find it in your hands and get to enjoy an instant classic. This is why I love working with the classic film cameras, and I hope my pictures inspire a collection. I wish I could do a lot more with film cameras. I’m constantly thinking of ways to improve those, making them even better and creating

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