How do you get paid for selfies? – Shutterstock Contributor

Is there a way to post them, and if so can I post them on social media?

I’m still working on the pay for photos.

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Do you have some sort of money-back guarantee?


Can I pay you in full?

Yes! You can pay us back in full when you check out with PayPal and you just pay us via credit card.

Will you be sharing images of my products?

Yes! I will be linking my products and photos to my Instagram and Facebook posts.

Will my social media posts include you?

Nope. I only want to share my products and photos with my followers because it’s easier to share to social media and get their attention.

What does “Instagram influencer” mean?

Instagram influencer means someone who has more than 2.5 k followers on Instagram who have followed their account the last 90 days.

I have one. Will I be considered?

I’m not sure. It’s a tough decision for me. I think people want to see things from that angle.

What about people like Mark Zuckerberg or Mark Cuban?

I’m not a big fan of Mark Zuckerberg or Mark Cuban, but it is important to me to show people products that they would love so they can get them.

A lot of Instagrammers get paid through social shares, don’t they?

They do! They get paid by a company to be their spokespeople. It’s called an influencer program. Their product or service is what gets shared about their brand and it’s the best product that they can do right now.

My name has been a trending topic lately. What do I do if it’s a trending topic?

If it isn’t, then I try to remove it. Usually if the thing is new, it doesn’t need to be taken down. I’m not sure what I can do about things that are already trending, but they are not meant to be taken down.

Do you have a policy for what to post?

Yes, I post the same way that everybody else posts. I post everything from home products and things that people have found helpful for them.

Why did you give yourself 2 stars?

I don’t see people having to “put a dollar” in order to get paid.

How long have you been working here? Are you self employed?


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