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The photos in this book have been scanned using the Imaging Sciences MicroPro digital camera and were printed with a Kodak FineArt 500K printer. They are printed at 100% on acid free paper. There is no watermark.

For our photos to print well, your images need to be big for your printer to be able to scan the text and the background well. The pages in this book are big enough for two full size pictures if you print it at 100%. However, it is a pretty small book, so it might feel like two full size pictures if you print it at 100%.

Printed in Canada!

I just watched a video from Alex Jones. He said on his show that in the future, the US government will be able to force Americans to do things against their will. To quote, he said: “The government is going to have the power to force you to go to prison, force you to buy medical treatment that they want you to have that they want you to have, forced drug tests, force all of these things that we don’t even know what are in them. It could be anything but medical.”
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This could be the future for the U.S. Now the government has that power, how will they use it? In this video, Alex Jones says these three things:

They will use the 3rd amendment.

They will abuse the 4th amendment, and that’s one of their goals.

They will use the 5th amendment.

So if you think the government would use the 3rd or 4th amendment, he is wrong. The government will abuse the 5th amendment because it is so under control and will be used. That is why Americans have so much difficulty dealing with the government. It is a tool for the government, not a question regarding your rights.

They said that the 5th amendment doesn’t include the right to travel, that only applies to people who have been convicted of a crime and that is what the 2nd amendment says. So he said he has an example of someone who was convicted and had to be deported from America. After the person got kicked out of the country, he didn’t have the right to return because the 5th amendment said not to.

The 2nd Amendment is what protects Americans, and that’s why Alex Jones feels this is a threat. He said that as long as this thing remains on the books, the 2nd Amendment won’t be a problem because, in his

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