How long has digital photography been around? – Make Money By Selling Photos Online

I think the first image was created in 1853 by William Kosten.

Why is it important to use only one photo app on your phone?

I like to use one app that can handle multiple cameras. For example, my iPhone 7 Plus is a dual-camera phone so I have a single app to manage both cameras.

How can photographers use PhotoBridge?

Just like a photo editing app, PhotoBridge offers several different features like the ability to change filter depth, set exposures that are too low, turn in-camera white balance filters, and much more.

Can I take two photos that are from different events?

Yes, just use PhotoBridge for one photo instead.

What can you help me do with PhotoBridge?

We have created many guides and resources to make photography easier on iPhone users.

How do you find out about new apps?

You can sign up for our newsletter, and our developers will post about the new apps they are bringing to the App Store.

Thanks, and we will see you in the world of digital photography!

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