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This question came up during the “Photoshopped” competition and the final jury chose to reject Shutterstock’s request to include images within the slideshow.

After being left to judge the competition themselves, the photographers responded in the comments section of the winning slideshow, and they seemed quite adamant that the images be kept separate.

“The competition is over, please remove [the images],” photographer John McIvor, one of the competitors, replied to one critic of the challenge.

“But the idea that you can only do it once is ridiculous,” another wrote. “Do you honestly think people buy your stuff for just a single exposure that you can’t manipulate? If you want to take a series of images of a building, why can’t you take photos of the whole building?”

But others disagreed, saying the original photos should be saved as was and uploaded to Shutterstock, rather than sold at higher prices in order to increase sales.

“That’s a fair complaint,” one photographer replied to one critic.

“Why keep your work on Shutterstock when you can sell it directly to the public and have more confidence in the quality of your products?” another said.

According to the company’s official statement on the matter, Shutterstock does not publish photos “solely for the purpose of selling, advertising, promoting, or showcasing the image.”

However, it seems that by adding these photos to the slideshow, Shutterstock is essentially attempting to profit from their existence from their customers, which is something it could be hard for judges to see from the video.

When a major player in a major league football team comes out against gay marriage, then all bets are off.

That was the point of Texas A&M football coach Kevin Sumlin’s tweet on Tuesday, and it’s pretty clear why his statement was made, not to mention the timing of it. It wasn’t the first time a major organization got involved with Texas, either – the Longhorns won a national championship in 1988. But the team was the first to do it.

After Texas A&M’s team won the national championship in 1988, the university’s presidents voted to support gay marriage – a move that put Sumlin in front of the Texas legislature. Sumlin’s tweet, then, was a pretty bold step for a University of Texas coach, even if he’s more of a moderate in recent years than his predecessors.

Sumlin also noted on Twitter Wednesday that he was “proud” of Aggies

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