Is photography a good business?

Let’s find out

As anyone who has a camera in their hand knows, photography is indeed a great business. Photojournalistic photographers have the perfect portfolio as there is no reason why no one must get their photos published. In reality, however, there are two types of photographers – those using professional equipment for commercial purpose and those using their camera to promote their personal brand. Here we will evaluate the business of this latter group and will answer the question if it’s a good business to get into.

A simple comparison

You will find professional photography and amateur photography both being very popular. In fact, in most countries, photography is widely considered as a serious way to promote a person’s business, or brand. Therefore, as our main criteria of a good business is:

How good is the service offered? This is determined by the quality and quality of the photography.

How efficient is the organisation it’s run by? Is the organisation transparent as it is the main way to learn from people and share information?

How effective is the distribution of the business? Does it offer an opportunity to get the photography published? And how can we support and get the professional photographers to print and post.

How reliable are the members of a business. Can such a person be reached if there is a problem?

How transparent is the organisation. Is the organisation a legitimate company and/or not?

Can we support the business and help it grow? And what can we do to improve this service by investing our resources to improve its operating process.

As these business requirements are just an introduction to the business of photos to promote a person’s or brand’s business, we will look at both types of photographers. However the difference can be pretty great. Professional photographers have a lot more equipment, they work independently, they have a great portfolio of their own and they can work for any business. Amateur photographers have to look for work as a hobby for the most part. So the objective of this article is to identify which is the business category which photographers are more likely to use for professional work, which leads us to:

Which type of photographers do you think are better off to become a business and how many will work for a profession, or are they more likely to take photos in their free time?

The first question we asked ourselves was which type of photography is considered as a good business? With this we narrowed it down to two:

Professional photographers and amateur photographers.
Make the money meaningful — Jennifer R. Myhre