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Let’s take a look and try to figure that out.

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The first step towards a true “socialist” economy is to overthrow the capitalist ruling class. It is not enough to put an end to the exploitation, oppression, and impoverishment of the vast majority of people in society. To get it started, you first have to destroy their social institutions as well. As Marx pointed out, the only way to build a genuine “workers-owned” economy is for every worker to own and operate a factory or workshop. Only then is a free market economy possible. Only then can anyone own anything.

In the beginning, people didn’t understand that the state could exist solely to protect workers and their products. In a socialist society, the ownership and operation of the means of production—the factories, mines, warehouses, farms—is the only way to guarantee production and distribution. Even the working class would be forced to produce what it sold, and only then would it be in control of its own product.

It is only in this way that it can be proved that a society based on workplace and community ownership is actually more fair, just, and just than a capitalist system based on private profit.

The basic form of ownership and operation of a communist-owned and -operating enterprise is a community owned and operated cooperative. These enterprises would consist of workers and consumers in common, which would then provide for all citizens and employees of the society by organizing them to sell their own products and services to each other. The goal would be to build a society where every person in the society was free to be satisfied and free of any kind of financial dependency on any other person for their living.

However, the basic means of the ownership and operation of such enterprises are provided by the people themselves, who would still manage their own businesses while using their knowledge and their skills to help others to build their own businesses. In fact, the majority of people would then work for themselves and would be free to work for others or join one of our cooperatives. And in this way, the only limit to their freedom to succeed would be the people themselves, not the property they owned.

The only issue is how to make it clear to everyone that they can do so. For example, a “public” television station would be a “public” TV station just like any other. A “public” gym would also be a “public

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