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“It seems so. Today the industry consists of many different types of photographic equipment, software and development tools, with all sorts of techniques in between. That’s why I think it is also important to have a proper education, or better still, to make your way in this industry. Not so much of course to become professional photographers, but just because you want to become a professional developer. Photography is very demanding nowadays – for example, many young photographers have not grown up with a proper understanding of the technical aspects of the industry.” – Steve Taylor, Photographer, “The Real Life of Photography”

We’ve talked about the industry before to some extent in this blog. It was once a relatively young profession, and has had some notable problems like the one highlighted in the New York Times. The reason we’re so interested in this topic is because it’s a subject all too frequently mentioned in discussions about photographers.

“I don’t think we can really talk about photography without speaking first of the problems of the industry today,” said Taylor, who was also named the Photographer of the Year 2014.

He said that in the first decades of the industry, photographers were “initiated” with a “glam-like professionalism” – more so than now.

He also said that when the “great recession” hit, the market was still a rather inexperienced one.

“Some of this attitude can still be found today in the industry. The current crop of photographers are not all that seasoned because they have very little money and very little to live for,” he said.

He cited the case of one of his colleagues, who he was told he was “in the doghouse” by – a reference not to an industry, but an individual photographer.

“In a business of this level, you have no choice. So we talked about the ‘glam-like’ thing that so many people used to assume. The industry has changed, but the attitude to photographers is still that way. No one looks at them and says, ‘hey, maybe you may be onto something’,” he said.

To many, that attitude could be the problem – a stigma of the profession, or it could just be that photographers don’t have an easy time finding work.

For now, the number one focus of the industry, Taylor added, remains on finding opportunities, “which is what most people do anyway.”

“My hope is that in the future the industry will focus on

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