Is photography a growing industry?

It seems it to be. In 2016, some 1.9 million photos were taken in the US, compared with 5 million in 2010.

In its report, the Wall Street Journal noted that “photos are more likely to show up in the newspapers than in digital cameras,” but this is unlikely to have any impact on how many Americans can see them.

“As long as our economy is getting better, people do want to be able to show off pictures and do other things they once could not,” said Greg Egan, editor of

Egan pointed out that many of the photos are from weddings or other family occasions. When a photo is posted on Photobucket it is typically with a date associated with it. In many cases, the date indicates the time of day that the photo was taken, but others are simply posted at random.

While most people are likely to post photos online that they took of their family, they may not necessarily want to share them to their friends and family, even if they were at the wedding.

“There’s something going on, a personal connection with their spouse,” said Egan.

What else about the Internet might be doing more damage to the image of the family photographer?

As the technology behind smartphones and tablets has grown, photos of the family have become more commonplace and even more private and personal. A lot of photos online feature people that are just posing, and so they don’t have to pose like a group shot.

A 2008 Gallup survey revealed that 68 per cent of US adults reported that they have photos of themselves in selfies on social networks. By comparison, 58 per cent of Americans reported that they posted pictures of a wedding or other celebration.

It is perhaps unsurprising that so many have been posting pictures of people without posing, which makes it difficult for family photographers to keep up, said Egan. With so many selfies, “you have to put yourself first and remember you’re a human being,” he added.

“You should feel good about putting up a family photo and being proud of your family.”

A 2015 survey by the American Photographers Association noted that the use of facial recognition technology on smartphones for facial recognition in dating sites in 2012 was “a big problem” as it “could potentially have a massive unintended effect on a marriage and family photograph.”

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