Is Photoshop a good skill?

That depends on the person. For me, drawing a photo in Photoshop isn’t difficult. Some people may find it more difficult than others. They just have to know how and when to draw a certain character. I find that it’s easier for a person to draw something very simple and clean. If I need a big piece of furniture for my desk and I need help drawing this furniture, I can just draw the legs and arms in Photoshop. It’s not that hard!

Do you like to draw?

No. I think the only time you’ll find me drawing is if my camera is in action. I will always try to capture the scene and put it together in Photoshop after. The other times you’ll see me drawing on the sofa. A lot! I like to draw so if I am not working at something it’s a good distraction, if I am doing a picture. So you can say I like drawing, I don’t like to get things done! I am also interested in making art in real life – I enjoy talking to people!

Can you talk a bit about your personal style? Can you describe your preferred palette?

I like bright colours. I like to use red, orange, yellow, violet. I can even say I find myself using different colours on the edges of my paintings (the edges of a painted image where the colors have a little bit of overlap) so I can make my paintings look really old. It doesn’t mean that I look too childish or anything, but I do want my work to look old and out of date.

Do you have any personal favourite books?

I will tell you that I use a lot of books in my art. Books, film, posters – all different types of art. As I said, I am not a book person – I don’t love reading books. I do like to draw as much as I can. And one of the things I always like to do is to create art by drawing on the page. When you create art that’s not on the paper, you will get a bit embarrassed. But when you create art with the paper, all of the problems will disappear.

How about film, or posters?

My art works on the poster! The poster – that’s my best artwork – is for me, not for others or me. In that time of life when people are going through a lot of problems and they are really sad? I am there with all sorts of different posters