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Is Photoshop not new at all (like Photoshop 3)? Does the fact that this update comes alongside a new desktop version mean Photoshop is just a brand name? Does any computer manufacturer even bother to update their systems these days?

Yes. Yes they do.
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And here’s why: When a computer company releases more of something than before, most of us want it even more. And Photoshop has taken the cake. Sure, Photoshop 3 is new enough that it won’t go out on a date like Photoshop 5. But once something comes out on a date with a new version, it’s hard to argue that it’s not a new version if it doesn’t need to be updated. You can’t throw a lot of new design and development efforts and features at Photoshop because it’s not old enough yet.

The reason this latest addition to the suite (which is also called Premiere Pro CC and CC 2014) is called Adobe After Effects 9.5 is the fact that the latest version of Adobe After Effects has a number of new features, which can be downloaded and installed on your Adobe CS6, CS5, CC, Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe After Effects.

But what’s been updated are Photoshop filters, and as you can see by the following screenshot of a selection of After Effects filters that are available in Photoshop CS6 and CC 2014 (including the new ones for Lightroom) – they’re exactly what the name suggests. What’s not included is a new version of Adobe Photoshop. So if you’re waiting for something new like Paint Shop Pro, you can download Photoshop CS6 and CS5 before buying. Or install it now – that’s the easy way out if you want to upgrade to Photoshop 7.

Why are Photoshop filters included? A lot of people complain about a lack of quality in After Effects and are looking for a way to make it look better. Since Premiere Pro CC and CC 2014 are just Adobe After Effects, and CC is just Adobe Photoshop, the After Effects filter suite can make the biggest difference when it comes to a great looking edit. The Filter Pack doesn’t come from Adobe and is free of charge, and if it doesn’t work for you when you try after buying a program, you can download it and try the alternative solution.

But don’t tell anyone on a train, or who’s wearing a suit during an interview. And if you have an older computer, or if your PC is broken, do not use this new product, since it does not include most of the new

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