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With the new month, the calendar has been refreshed with new design patterns and we’ll have 3 free designs for you to download.

But what’s your chance to win a digital design contest?

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It’s easy, you can enter the contest here. Just remember to add the words ‘Pixify’ and ‘Pixie’ to your address in the note to seller field at Pixify.

So, if you’d like to create your own custom calendar with Pixify, you’ll start with a free 6-day trial and then receive a copy of your custom calendar once a year.

Are you just starting with your own design?

If you’ve just started to create your own design, you’ve got 4 days to claim the prizes:

The winner will get:

A digital calendar made just like your custom one.

A $500 cash prize (we’ll have no clue how much you made if we can’t do an estimate) and

A free copy of your custom calendar

What’s next for Pixify?

It’s always exciting to learn about new ways to use design techniques.

If you’d like to give us feedback or share your ideas about how Pixify can make your work stand out more we can always listen to your feedback, share ideas or help you design anything from a custom calendar, to an art-of-drawing book. Let us know what you’re thinking and start a conversation with us.

The National Museum of Women in the Arts in the Bronx is home to the Smithsonian Center for African American History and Culture (CHCH). Located in the historic Harlem neighborhood of Jackson Heights, it was developed in the 1980s and houses two museums. The building is named after the founder of CHCH, Mrs. Elizabeth Jackson.

Dell’s XPS 13 will likely be the laptop we look at in December. The laptop has already been announced, and will be available on Dell and other retailers, and the company has already started marketing it. On the inside of its design, Dell hasn’t been spared of design changes. A key difference is that the laptop is thinner than its predecessor thanks to the inclusion of an Intel Core M processor.

The biggest change to the XPS 13 will have been the removal of the “Windows 7” logo on its hinge, and instead, the XPS 13 will sport a more modern design with a more premium feel. The overall design is slightly lighter compared with the previous X

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