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Images are copyright protected. Use of any other form of digital content without the express permission of the copyright holder will violate his or her rights as stated under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). A copy of the license can be obtained by writing USCCA at

What are my rights if I use a copyrighted work in the USA?

In the United States, a copyright holder has all of the rights of the copyright holder with respect to images, music, movies, works of literature, and any other type of copyrightable content. Therefore, there is very little reason to use a file-sharing site when downloading images. In fact, a fair use policy is often a good way to prevent the use of copyrighted material. You do not need permission from anyone when using copyrighted materials or software, and if you don’t believe that the site is fair use, you can file a complaint with your local district attorney or copyright office.

Dennis M. Bays (1891–1955) was a Dutch born English mathematician and physicist. At the time of his death, he had been involved in almost every aspect of mathematical theory, with the most prominent being the discovery of the fractal; later he turned his attention to quantum mechanics as a result of the work of George Gamow and others, and in the latter years of his life wrote about the nature of consciousness and the soul in his famous essay “The Nature of Physical Space and Time” in the second volume of Elements.

Bays was born in St. Louis, Missouri, into a family of Jewish immigrants. He was educated at Princeton University, and for the next four years published extensively on experimental physics in mathematics. In 1926 he married and moved to the United States, where he took an interest in mathematical research, in part as an effort to find work in a post-war, heavily industrialising country. Bays was eventually recruited to work at the Institute of Applied Maths at Harvard University as a professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

His interest in quantum mechanics was also part of this quest. Although Bays was not an explicitly mathematical person, he enjoyed the field of analysis which led him to explore the complex and paradoxical behavior of subatomic particles (including the wave or particle quantum phenomena observed by the physicist Louis de Broglie in the 1920s). This activity led Bays to the notion of a wave function, which in turn led him to explore

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