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Is there anything that you have missed recently?

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My most recent addition to any list of best selling photos is a photo of me by the Lake of the Woods. It is now included in my Photo Galleries. However, I can also say that most recently someone took my photo in June 2010 and sent it to an art gallery as a Christmas present. They said to send him to me in September to get the best quality picture, and it looked great. I received this in a gift basket from the guy’s son, who said “I made him do it.” I think he just put me in there!

“If I didn’t know better, I would say this is the greatest show I’m ever going to see. The cast is amazing. They’re just hilarious! And there’s some great performances by a lot of really talented people. And everyone seems to have a really bright future ahead of them!” – Michael Chabon, author of A Wrinkle in Time

On the basis of his excellent article on the “dangers” of the free market in the Economist, Richard Kudlick is right to argue that markets are often too simple and too simplistic. It’s a fallacy, he argues, that in a free and open economy all choices and policies remain open to a wide range of possibilities. However, in such a market, a very broad range of options would be open to one’s choices and policies but they would not necessarily be viable options for all members of society. I will explore a number of such “unrealistic” possibilities in this article.

This article begins by examining an example chosen for illustrative purposes. I will examine in some detail the case of a business planning an IPO, a major stock offering, in which the proceeds would be taxed at a top corporate rate of 35 percent. In doing so, I do so on the basis of the fact that the IPO’s share price would eventually fall to zero, if the IPO proceeds were not retained. I will also assess the possibility of the IPO not going through if the IPO proceeds were not used to meet the IPO’s pre-tax business expenses and/or to make a “capital return”.

In the process of doing this, I shall examine the real world case of a highly regulated company doing that same IPO, and see that the case for the market-based model is much stronger. It remains for me to examine several of the possibilities that the highly regulated regulated company actually may pursue, if this particular example is indeed a good

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