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Photography is a craft that has an extremely long history and continues to evolve both from its beginnings as a medium and more recent trends such as the internet and the ease of making photographs online. There are countless talented photographers all over the world and each aspiring photographer has his or her own unique style and interests. Some photographers focus on portrait and street photography, others on the landscapes and still others on events and weddings. The possibilities are endless and are certainly not limited by the industry.

The reason all this passion for photography exists is because the potential of what photography can do for the world and the world at large is staggering. The world of photography has changed significantly over the years and now it’s time for photographers to continue that change. It’s time for photographers to continue taking the opportunity for personal expression which makes photography great by itself.

What’s your background/major project and what is it about?

I majored in film photography. In 2012, I started taking pictures every day for 6 months with DSLR cameras, while I was on a mission to get better. I still have a photographic background and wanted to become better. I started learning about digital photography so I could make better images. I’m a photographer who wants to make a living out of photography; I want to use my experience as not only a student to improve my craft, but also as a professional to share it with the world.

What kind of equipment do you use?

I use a Canon 5D Mark III. I also shoot mostly film, but also have a Canon EOS 6D, Canon 5D Mark II, Fuji X100S, Canon PowerShot DIGIC 6500 and a Sigma 35mm f/1.4. I also have a Nikon D800 with a 200mm lens and a digital converter. These are the only things I keep on me (since I work from home) for traveling and my location work. My equipment has to fit well on my body/laptop/camera.

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Do you have advice for people considering taking it up in the industry?

For starters, know what your strengths are. If you have a great body, great lenses, great body. But you might struggle with something as personal as personality. You’re going to have some challenges. The journey to become a photographer is often a long one and it can take a while to adjust to. So just take it one step at a time. But, if you’re still unsure about it, take photos!

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