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First, take a photo of it and share this with anyone who wants to comment.

After that, you can use it as your profile picture, upload it to your profile with your name, and you can add friends, send messages, and add photos to your wall with other people on Instagram. And if you were going to put it on Facebook, you could use it as your profile photo and add it to your friends’ wall.

You might be thinking, “How long should I wait before creating my own account on Instagram?”

As a professional photographer, I know first-hand of people who get so caught up by the wait time, we go on an Instagram binge and create hundreds of images all at once.

If you’re not sure when to set up your Instagram account, check out my five-step guide on Instagram setup. And if you’re using it to share your business videos or photos, make sure you follow these tips.

What are the basics of Instagram’s API?

An Instagram account is essentially a webpage that is accessible from the Internet through an API. This allows anyone to create, edit, store and publish images or videos from Instagram, which can also contain ads, promotions, and other in-app products. Using this API, people can:

Subscribe to content via the URL https://apps.instagram.com/oauth

Download content from the API

Edit or upload content to or edit an Instagram account

Add user profiles of other users

Share images, videos, or stickers with users

Upload photos to a gallery or to your own profile

Share content with your own users

Create pages and pages of photos or videos

In addition, there are two features that are unique to Instagram that allow you to create pages and pages of photos or videos.

Creating a profile on Instagram

The easiest way to create a profile on Instagram is to create a page or a photo gallery in another app before creating your own photo on Instagram. This is called “instagramming.”

To create a page, you use the following three steps (all without touching the screen):

1. Create a new page by adding a title and description

2. Add a photo to your gallery

3. Publish your gallery.

Instagraming is simple, but you can use this guide as a refresher: Step 3: Create a profile on Instagram.

On Instagram for Mac

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