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Here’s a few ways:

As Donald Trump continues to struggle on the campaign trail, some supporters of the Republican nominee are turning to the Bible as a primary source on which to base their criticisms.

According to Religion News Service, some evangelical Christians and Bible believers are now using their biblical “birther” claims as a weapon in their criticism of the presumptive Democratic nominee.

The site reports the Bible is used by some conservatives to “insult” Hillary Rodham Clinton as she tries to claim that Trump lies about his faith and has no religious “qualifications” to be president.

For instance, in one article, author and pastor David Neumann argues Clinton should consider “that the Bible is a document of God’s people,” and is written specifically to teach people to “be a man”.

He writes: “Hillary’s own husband (and a former president of one church) said she was ‘unfit to be president’ because of her ‘spiritual infirmity.'”

Neumann also asserts that if Trump were to receive the Bible as some kind of endorsement, he or she wouldn’t be able to win the presidency.

It goes on to accuse Bible believers of hypocrisy, and of being hypocritical themselves.

There is a lot of pressure on us to defend Trump from every sort of criticism — which is why it’s so important to understand that the Bible is a document of God’s people. What we read in there is the work of God of love. David Neumann
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Many of the Bible’s stories are about how people struggle, as shown in an excerpt from ‘The Gospel According to Jesus’.

While most Christians believe the Bible to be the very word of God, some Christians use the books as a theological tool rather than a literary one.

To be clear, some of the examples Neumann uses don’t fall into the “biblical” category, but are rather parable stories or stories that show us how people struggle and become better people through God’s love.

Neumann told the website that he “doesn’t want to attack anyone’s faith, just their interpretation of it.”

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