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Photo editing is the process of adjusting the way a photograph is displayed on the camera. When working directly on a photo, this is not easy. Photos have curves and are typically very difficult to edit. The use of software is where many people get things done.

An interesting thing to note is that if you don’t edit your photos properly, they will become blurry and the photo looks wrong. You can see why, if all you can do is edit the photos you take. If you want you can get some professional editing done in the editing software you choose.

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For these reasons if I am making a photo then it makes sense to know what to look for. A good starting point is to look at the photo at one or two points and see what you can change.

So, to start, you can begin with a photograph of yourself. You can then select the area with the least lighting, then select the area with the most lighting, and finally select your location and set the camera angle to a reasonable distance from your face. Once selected, you can adjust the lighting by selecting the areas that should be bright and areas that should be dim.

Next you will set your camera exposure. You can increase the exposure setting, decrease the exposure setting, or have a very wide exposure and set your exposure at the maximum setting that works for you. Finally, you can adjust your white balance. For this project I am using a neutral tone setting. The color and mood of the sky is quite important and a neutral tone will give all the necessary color information. There’s nothing special that’s going to be done with color; it’s not going to change that other than make it a little warmer to brighten things up.

To make changes to your photo, select the area you want to use as your background, then you can take the photo. Once ready you can move the settings around a little bit.

Once your photo is set and you are happy with the results, it’s time to press the send button. If you have any questions or concerns with the software, you can send me a message on Twitter at @vigdas.

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