What is the best college for photography?

We are happy to provide professional photography services to both photographers and photo students. If you want a well-managed, friendly, dedicated team who is eager to see you succeed, take a look at our gallery of photographers and photo students.

What are the professional responsibilities of a photography instructor?

Photography students are expected to be responsible and accountable for the successful completion of their course requirements in one (1) of our four (4) available professional photography programs.

Who are the photography course instructors at UCSD?

Our professional photographers teach a range of photography programs including:

The Master of Science in Art and Photography (MASAP)

the Master of Science in Art and Photography (MASAP) The Master of Science (M.S.A.)

The Master of Science in Art and Photography

The M.Sc.

The M.Sc. Certificate in Art and Photography

The Certificate in Art and Photography Certificate – Photography

The Certificate in Interior Design

We provide professional photographic equipment and training to students to help them succeed in their endeavors.

How long has it been at UCSD?

The program began in 1995 and is managed by faculty and staff with 25 years of experience (over 10,000 hours in photography). In the last seven years the program has seen a growth in number of students – our program has increased in the last four years. We do our homework regularly to ensure we will be doing a high quality program, providing students with the right professional education and equipment that they will be the best ever.

How does the master of science in photography degree program make money?

The program is entirely paid for by the tuition fee and student fee.

What qualifications does the program require?

To be eligible for the Master of Science in Art and Photography program we require:

Photography expertise and experience is essential as this type of program requires that an excellent eye and understanding of light and photography is required. Students must have the ability to use and learn to work professionally with cameras and lenses. Many graduate from our program with a professional background in photography. This is due to the excellent teacher-student ratio, high quality faculty, and dedicated staff.

The program requires students to complete an internship at one of our photo locations. Students are given the opportunity to work directly with our faculty at each location. An internship is a minimum of one month with faculty.

Must all students have photographic experience?