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Where should everyone look for design software to build their websites?

Well, let me first admit that there are many excellent designs on the internet, and I have written about some of those as well. But then I have to admit that I have no clue what is a suitable design for any given situation or client.

For this blog post I want to answer a question which I have often been asked: “Where should people look for software which enables them to build a website online?”

Before getting into the answer that is often asked by new visitors to this blog, remember that the question is really about the software itself: “Where, how, and when should someone go looking for the right software?”

As a designer, I do not write software specifications. I do not design websites or do user testing. I write a bunch of code which is then used to build a website. In other words, I am a designer. A designer does not design a product, but instead a design.

The same applies when writing content for the blog. If I was designing for you and you asked me about software, it would be easy to reply “I guess I would look for something like WordPress”, but I would quickly answer if there was a better website out there. The point here is that there are many good design software, so you should consider looking at it.

And a word of advice: the best designer is the one who has never looked at a design before.

Do you want to build a website based on the following design or code?

The best design is the one in which the functionality is completely clear.

And the best code is the one that performs an action without being ambiguous.

This is because every action you take can be described by a sequence of states (as defined by the programming language you are using).

If the designer is unclear or uncertain about how a particular piece of code will work, then there will be more than one use that the software might be used for.

In such situations, the software becomes hard to work with.
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This is why most design software is intended for programmers. If you want to build a website or design a product for another, then you better have already programmed something.

However, a good designer (especially one without experience with coding) will look for a product which is easy to understand by a computer, but that also has enough information to give the computer as complete an understanding as possible.

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