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Graphic designers are responsible for bringing the world’s most recognizable brands to life on a digital screen. As designers with backgrounds in video and animation, they often work with a variety of tools to create striking artwork, such as Adobe Illustrator┬«, CorelDraw┬« and Photoshop┬«. A graphic designer’s skills are often in demand in marketing, public relations, photography, retail, advertising and product design.

With more than 120,000 freelance graphic designers at our fingertips, our network connects more than 40,000 designers nationwide.

If your car or truck has a mechanical problems, a company known as the “Volkswagen Scam Team” has been able to repair your car for less than $300! And it’s been the result of someone out of the blue. We’ll give you the names and their addresses.

This is really cool. And now you can be the one to tell your friends about it! Read on!

What is the Volkswagen Scam Team doing to your car?

How does the Scam Team work?

This is what they do to my car:

1. Find out where you live in your city

2. Find out where you have a contract

3. Check your warranty, coverage and coverage dates

4. Make sure the vehicle is legal (make sure you have a license plate as well) and then they sell you a repair kit for less than $300 for your car

5. The Scam Team sends you to an area that you do not frequent and they do not need a permit (you even need to pay your fees)

If you want to know why they will never give you any repair recommendations and why there are two of them in the DMV Office, click on this link to the VW Scam Team website.

The fact is: the scammers do NOT have ANYTHING to do with anything that is on your vehicle to fix it, because they do not have enough money to repair your vehicle all by their lonesome!

Here’s a quick list of items in my car that they tried to fix:

You’d be amazed how many people can’t tell the difference between the two words

If you think about it, if you read a newspaper article about an ongoing dispute between three people who are fighting over a piece of real estate , you might wonder if they’re talking about one owner/landlord. In other words, it’s either tenant/tenant/tenant/leaseholder

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