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In order to use Photoshop in the digital creative industries you need a very good knowledge of Adobe Photoshop. And in order to make full use of the many different image processing plugins available in Photoshop we need to learn how to use them and the limitations of each. It can seem a daunting task at first but it’s all worth it.

How to learn to work with Photoshop

Before you can start using Photoshop the easiest way to learn the software is still using a trial version available on the web to see what you can do with the tools you already have. I prefer using Photoshop Tuts+ because it lets you try out various filters and make sure you’re comfortable enough using them before deciding whether or not to buy Photoshop Premium.

Getting tutorials on Photoshop, and reading tutorials on the web are invaluable resources for beginners. The Adobe Creative Cloud software is a good source of free Photoshop tutorials and the Adobe Design Cloud Creative Cloud Pack will provide you with a comprehensive collection of Photoshop workflows and Photoshop tutorials.

For more details please see the Adobe Design Cloud Creative Cloud website.

How to learn to use the Adobe Creative Cloud

The Adobe Creative Cloud is a suite of tools and services which let you take advantage of the massive library of digital effects and content. This range includes Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects. It is available for both Mac and PC.

The Adobe Creative Cloud has been launched in the UK and Germany as of April 2013 and the trial version is available for 30 days. In the US the trial version is available as part of the Creative Cloud for students on a one-year contract.

The tools that are sold through the Creative Cloud are not fully free of charge but most are free for those who use the cloud primarily for business or educational purposes and therefore must be paid for in cash.

For example you cannot use the free version of Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC with it, but you can use the Pro version.

The tools that are free for non-commercial use will be paid for within six months of purchase.

What are the pricing of free versions of Photoshop?

The free versions of Photoshop are sold through the Creative Cloud. As the Creative Cloud is a service for students, they are not available in stores or online but for each student you can rent the full version for a one-time fee of £19.99, or buy it for a monthly fee of £3.60.

The Creative Cloud has two tiers: Enterprise and

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