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The city is buzzing again following a huge weekend in New York that brought thousands of people on to the street, in parks, at the aquarium, in the streets. What does that mean? We explore some theories and talk to people about what their feelings are.

What do you hope we learn from the events in New York? Why do some people look at the events in this city from an optimistic point of view and some from a pessimistic point of view? This podcast is designed to give you some insight into the thinking of both sides.


There are so many exciting things happening in Paris this week. We go to the Place de la République (the heart of the French capital), to see some of the biggest events that have taken place and why they have been so good.

In terms of Paris events, will we see a huge surge here? Will the weather be amazing? Will people like the Paris lifestyle? We find out.


This week’s event is a one-mile race on the Champs Élysées that is one of the top 100 in the world according to a Guinness World Records report. We visit the site, meet the competitors and hear the story from the previous year, “The Challenge of the Champs Élysées,” and see what the locals are up to.


We are on to St Germain near Paris, where an astonishing 200 million people are expected to visit this year. We want to know what makes St Germain special. What makes St Germain different from Paris? We talk to the locals.


We’re into Cannes. How different is it from Paris? What happens at Cannes? We learn from some of the world’s leading film companies as they make films in Cannes. Plus we ask some of the questions: who gets involved? How will it change? What are the best films by directors?


The evening comes to a close. Some of you may have to go to your hotel. We leave Cannes on the same night. We leave Paris on the same 24-hour date. All of us will return home and sleep it off on the sofa tonight.

That’s all that we have for this week. If you would like to hear more from us please contact:



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