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Who decides what’s going into printing? That doesn’t matter anymore, as it’s the currency itself that’s central planners. And it can be moved around.

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The currency is the thing, the way things are and the way they are. It is like the state. If you had the power to decide, where would you set up your headquarters? Why not in a place where people would go? How about someplace that would be the ideal place for the currency?

It’s almost like a government’s business plan. You could set up your own company, hire the staff, and manage it. But I’ll give you a real-life example: You could take a look at a paper in any bookstore or library that talks about how you’d like the government to create “more money” in a given year, for “reasons that should be obvious” — the government should pay off government loans in this way, for example, or for some other reason you want to change the economy in this way.

If you did this, a lot of the books in an old bookshop might just go out of business. People would lose access to knowledge. But even if nobody buys all the books in that shop when the books were gone, it wouldn’t matter — people just wouldn’t buy the books anymore, so the books would be lost.

And what does that do to the economy? It makes it easier for the government to print more, for them to control the number of dollars and buy more stuff.

Or maybe you could decide that you wanted to use a paper that says the government has to spend money. And you would have to pay more taxes for that paper and then give it away to other people. The whole system would work like this.

But that’s not the real power. The real power is in deciding if we actually need to print more money.

How are you going to decide? Well, the system for making money today is simple and easy: You have five bills. One is called the national currency and it’s the dollar that’s used for a whole bunch of things. It’s the currency in the United States, the currency of the state of Texas, the currency in Florida, the currency of California, the currency of a lot of countries in the world, the currency that people around the world use to travel around.

And then there’s a different kind of bill, an additional bill, and every other bill has 10 different denominations. So,

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