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Our photographers make images that are of the most artistic quality. They’re always inspired by the place of their work and the people who created it.

The following list includes all locations in a single location.

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Kerry is the latest Obama administration official to blame the rise of ISIS on President Trump, saying that “if you look at this from an ISIS perspective, that Trump-Pence administration and policies, these foreign policy, are helping make the recruitment and organization of ISIS, possible.”

In an interview Wednesday with The American Prospect’s Jeffrey Goldberg, Kerry also blamed Obama — but in much stronger terms, blaming President George W. Bush:

“The whole thing was Obama’s policies, the whole idea of the war on terror, that made it possible for ISIL to come in. It may not have happened had Bush not been president. If you look at the problem in Iraq right now, if you look at Syria and the challenges that have been exacerbated for Iraqi government because of this, if you look at what’s happened in Libya, we are now in Iraq. The idea that the United States should be in Afghanistan and Syria and elsewhere — Iraq is still a problem — but I’m not saying it was the U.S. and its policies alone that allowed ISIL to come in or were the main thing that contributed to the rise of Daesh, but it is certainly a part of it,” Kerry said. “That was a mistake, and I think it is a mistake that needs to be righted,” he added.

Kerry and Trump have a long history of sparring, especially on foreign policy.

The Atlantic reported that Trump was reportedly displeased with how Kerry’s comments, made to a panel that included a former ambassador at large for war crimes, framed the ISIS campaign:

Kerry’s comments were interpreted by the White House as a criticism of the Trump administration’s policy in Syria — a longstanding dispute between the secretary of state and President Donald Trump over whether to be more aggressive there. Trump, for his part, has made similar comments.

In 2014, Kerry criticized then Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton for saying that the war in Iraq had been a mistake, and she said that a different Republican would have been right. A former State Department adviser, now serving as ambassador to Afghanistan, told Business Insider that the State Department official was right.

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