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There is no other answer but…
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“Why, what are feet pics a thing? What can I say? Just a bunch of little pictures. Some people like them, some don’t.”

This is because feet pics are a form of humor, that can be interpreted in a completely different way.

You can get a funny feeling from them and then some of them become a thing.

In my opinion, the most important thing is to understand how to interpret them.

“I don’t know anything for sure about the photos, so I will leave it to you to interpret.”

The above are the most important points that I could gather from my research. If you understand those and more, the other facts are not that important.

A good way to help you understand the photos is to read this post with a friend who has no experience to help you out.

Read this post with a friend who has no experience to help you out.

My first thoughts on my feet pics were:

It is fun, and I want to share pictures with anyone who cares.

I really like them.

I love the feeling and I think others should too.

I would love to see these photos on a website or a blog that I can access easily and share.

There is so much you can do with this and make a living off of it.

This whole project is just that…

The project started out as an experiment to see how people responded to my feet pics.

I knew going there that I wanted to share my stories, my struggles, my frustrations, my achievements, anything.

I wanted it to be as simple and simple as possible.

I also knew that many others would want to join me.

This project ended up growing and people joined the effort and made what you see here.

What people have accomplished…

So, why feet pics?

Well, I guess you can see it as “the experience” of a kid and now a grown up (in the words of my mom).

My life is going through some really hard times.

Some days are so hard that my body starts to shake, I start crying and my mood becomes very somber.

This is my body responding to stress, so I don’t want to stop it.

So, I go on and on about these feelings and my life is in

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