Can I learn pole dancing at home? – Pole Dancing Classes Near Me Orlando

This book addresses this question and much more, with many practical techniques to learn. It is a must-have for pole dancers and for pole classes. -Laura M.

“With great care and passion…The book is not only beautiful, but extremely readable,” says Andrea. “The reader learns pole dancing from the foundation by watching and studying many instructors videos and reading articles. It has lots of great information about pole and pole dance, and the illustrations are a big deal as well — the illustrations are the book’s best feature.” -Carolyn D.

“This is a must-read for anyone who likes to see the beautiful dance of the pole. This is my favorite book for pole dancers! It also addresses the most common challenges: finding a class, making an appointment. The illustrations are beautiful and the writing is easy going, and the teacher was excellent! -Mandy S.

“This book has so much valuable information about pole and in addition it focuses on ways our body and mind can improve and how learning to dance in pole is a very relaxing form of exercise. This book will be a favorite for anyone who likes to dance in a body of movement and is really pleased with themselves for doing this!” -Karen S.

“The book begins with a list of things to do in pole dancing. Then it shows how to do each of the various moves at a proper tempo and speed. You get step by step instruction to get a feel for the style. You also learn about the different styles of pole which I really like. This book will help any pole dancer improve their own dancing skills while improving their dance skills! -Debbi B.

“To see it you need to purchase a dance partner, and a couple of classes, and even more classes, and a car, and the world to itself. You need this book.” -Debbie N.

“You might be able to get this book if you go to your nearest pole dancing club or online, they may have a group class available, but it is not necessary. So I will probably get the book but not recommend this as to just read it in the comfort of our own homes!” -Randy D.

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