Can you lose weight doing pole dancing? – Pole Dance Near Me

I do not like the idea of losing weight because of what you are putting in your body.

But can you lose weight doing pole dancing?

Yes I’d be more than willing to gain it back.

Are you saying that you do have fun? Are you having fun at all when you’re pole dancing?

I like to have fun!

Why do you like to get naked though? Are you getting something from it like “I’ll see you naked in the club”?


I don’t get anything from it. I get pleasure from being naked.

Isn’t it hard to get naked in this world? Especially when everyone else is wearing clothing?

Not at all!

Now that you’ve said something to me, I can’t help I can’t help but ask:

What are you doing when you’re pole dancing? Are you doing anything besides just dancing? Or would you be better off just enjoying it with your friends? Are you going to take advantage of the moment? Just enjoying it together as a group, or are you just going to stick together to have fun?

No! I dance around naked, I don’t like to be in the clubs.

So how would you have done it as a young girl when you were younger? Were you the only one dancing, or could you be part of a group?

No I was dancing with a couple of other girls for a dance. I was dancing when I was seven years old.

Are you really doing pole with your friends or is it just with you?

Just with me, because we are really good friends.

So what about you getting naked at school? Are you doing it with your partner at school?

Yes, I wear a skirt! I get naked at our friend’s house.

So does that mean you are naked with others at school when you’re at his house and not at your home?

Oh my god no, I have nothing against it but I wouldn’t like it anyway. I like my privacy.

Do you dance around topless in that group with your friends, or do you just stand there and smile?

I dance around naked with my friends!

But if you were to strip down like a girl in front of you, why don’t you wear some panties? Why do you like to be naked all the time? What do you like to do

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