Do you have to be skinny to pole dance? – Pole Dance Choreography Billie Eilish

No! I think there are plenty of women who like it, but I’m really shy. It’s one of the hardest things for me to do, to move my hips around and dance around. If I want to dance, I’m going to be in a room with somebody all the time for the next year.

Do your male coaches know about the pole dancing thing?

They do. But I’m really shy. My dad wasn’t around a lot for me growing up. Now I’m much more active, with a more open life, but it has definitely been harder for me in the past two years, to be honest. I try to hide it.

You’ve been on national TV, though.

Yes! I’ve been on The Early Show, The Steve Harvey Show, Dateline NBC. And I have more episodes of Dancing With the Stars.

Do you get more attention for this?

More, yes. I do get a lot of looks when I do the dance, but I have nothing for it—because that’s for women.

How do you look after a pole dance? Do you take any supplements?

I drink beer and I eat some fast food. It helps you get better energy. I don’t take anything to make my pole dance look better. If I do, I won’t know because it’s like I’m doing it wrong every time.

Your parents are both in the military?

Yes, and they’re both married, too. The one thing I’m good about is that I never put someone else’s needs over mine, not even my own. No one should have to worry about being able to feed our family. I’m more interested in how long life I’ve got going for me than anything else. My parents did not take me to school, and they don’t. I’m not going to tell them. If they want to, I’ll let them know.

Do they care if you are happy with your life?

They do. They like it. I don’t think they mind seeing me happy, but they’ve learned over the years that you have to be careful with your choices, which I do. My parents taught me to be aware of what people think about you, especially your parents. This is another thing I did wrong, I have friends who are not happy. I know because I’m friends with a lot of them. It’s like when their mom says, Hey

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