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I have never been a pole dancer in my life.

How many girls have you worked with?

I have been with many girls.

Is what you say true? That the female pole dancing world is a hostile place?

I don’t know. I like to think so. Maybe it is. Maybe it is not.
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Why not?

Well, there’s the matter of attitude. I mean, this isn’t a job. It isn’t a profession. The job you are putting yourself out there for is a very specific job. I really can’t think of a reason why girls would ever get excited, get intimidated by some man’s dick, or feel that their performance has been judged negatively to an extent that’s more than just personal opinion.

Have you ever been threatened with death?

No, I have not.

Were you a target of stalking?

Not really. I went to a high school years ago and all my friends were at another high school. One of my friends got home from work at around one o’clock and found a note with a drawing on it, with the drawing said “I will rape you and rape you so much I am going to have you as my friend.” I think it’s really fucked up. What about stalking or death threats? Of course you have those in this business, man, but it doesn’t mean you get to ruin people’s lives. All you’re doing is hurting people for the most trivial reason, which is that it’s an entertainment.

So how did you come to pole dancing?

Oh, there is a long, long list. That could be one of my favorites. I can see why the first dance of yours was so popular. I think it’s the reason why I got into pole dancing. And I really think it was because I was in high school and I was getting really good at drawing. My friend got this book of all of my drawings, and I read a lot of them. It was like the book of my life. As soon as I finished the book of ’em, it was, I thought, I know what I’m going to do now.

The book of your life?

And to this day, I look at it. Every chance I get I want to read the book of my life. Like, my girlfriend and I are going to get married, I’m going to go over there when I’m 26 for a

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